Shamanic Practitioner

Shamanism and Shaman:

An honored tradition: Our modern medical practices focus on the physical, our culture is obsessed with the mental, and psychotherapy addresses the emotional, but the fourth of these aspects, the spiritual, is mostly ignored if not invalidated all together. In our day of medical miracles, it is a shame that so many of us suffer needlessly for lack of the most ancient of healing modalities.

A Shamanic Practitioner is a person: Who deals with spiritual illness. He or She is different than many other mystics, in that a Shamanic Practitioner makes a journey for a specific purpose based on the symptoms discussed with the client. The symptoms are as varied as the causes. Some symptoms may be depression, feeling spaced out, having recurring abusive patterns show up in our relationships, feeling depleted, alienated and so on. Reliving the traumatic incident is not part of our time together.

Common Complaints addressed with Shamanism:

Shamanic work to heal spiritual illness: For example, when people are exposed to trauma or extreme stress, parts of them may leave. A clear example of this is veterans and "post-traumatic stress disorder." Any time you hear "he/she has not been the same since..." you are probably hearing about someone who has suffered soul loss. There are innumerable things that can cause soul loss, the death of a loved one, an accident, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, and abandonment to name just a few. Performing a soul retrieval will return the healed lost soul parts to you. During our work together we find your Spirit Guides and your Power Animals to discover the wisdom that both have to offer you.

Dark Energy Attachments: Energy can attach to you and disrupt your life. This may be from someone that you know who is still here emotionally draining your energy or someonewho has passed on; it may be from dark energy that you cannot identify with a particular person. Or it may be from a dark energy that you cannot identify as someone that you know. Ancestral imprints may need to be released so that you are not forced to create the same life pattern your family has established. There is also energy that can inhabit your home or office, clearing that energy enables you to move forward either personally or in your business.